Electrical planning

Electrical planning

Electrical planning is a complex task, which we gladly take on thanks to our many years of experience. First of all, you see “only” a circuit diagram, which contains not only the necessary wiring information but also an overview of terminal blocks, cables and articles. In the background, however, complex components and their combinations are dimensioned. Power losses are calculated and led to a suitable control cabinet air conditioning. We consider special wiring requirements, decide between centralized and decentralized structures and accommodate all components individually.

The result is tailor-made hardware:

The compact:
For small systems with a few drive axes, the entire automation and drive technology with operation can be accommodated in a stand or compact cabinet, thus requiring only minimal space in your system.

The standard:
A series system consisting of several control cabinets is of course also established with us as an industrial standard and our daily bread.

The special:
For example, a complete control unit can be housed in a sea container and thus defy wind and weather outdoors.
Partial solutions, on the other hand, have to be integrated into existing cabinet systems. This is about more than just moderation.

Engineering with Jansen Drive Technology:
Well thought out from A to Z, because every detail counts.